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Linux, Gnome, Fedora



The extensions I could not live without.


For sending/receiving encrypted and digitally signed messages. Download it.

External Editor

I could not use Thunderbird without this one. Using your favorite editor for composing messages is a must. Download it.


Ah, Nostalgy... I use it mainly for saving the messages I have read into folders, according to the contents of the message headers. It gives more that this, though. Go and check by yourself. Download it.


I love this one. You sometimes want to send the message you are composing by an SMTP server different from what your configuration says? Try SendVia, then: it gives you the possibility of choosing an arbitrary SMTP server for sending the current message, without modifying any of your settings. Really cool. Download it.


The extensions I could not live without. Click on their name to go to their web page.

Adblock Plus

How can you read news sites without this one! It efficiently filters most of the ads that pollute - and sponsor - the web. Download it.

It's All Text!

Editing the web text areas with your favorite editor is a real pleasure. Download it.

Multiproxy Switch

For changing proxy with a single mouse click. Download it.